Winter Proving a Good Time to Sell in Marlborough

Winter Proving a Good Time to Sell in Marlborough

182-Tanya-SmithA lack of stock on the market is seeing amazing results for vendors as buyers compete to land their dream home.

Harcourts Marlborough sales and marketing consultant Tanya Smith says despite a common belief that homes do not sell as well during the winter, buyers do not stop searching for the right place.

“Less people tend to sell their homes over the winter period, thinking that they will get less money, but we are finding our vendors are getting really great results due to the lack of stock on the market,” she says.

Competition for those homes which are being listed is seeing buyers inflate the sale price.

“We recently had a property with five offers, and from the lowest offer to the highest offer there was a $100,000 difference,” Tanya says.

“This is why you will see no price marketing on properties.”

Aside from the competition for good homes, buyers also see value in being able to view homes in the cooler months.

“They can see the home on the coldest, wettest days of the year, therefore if they love it on those days, then they are reassured that they will love it in the warmer months,” Tanya says.

Tanya recommends vendors ensure their homes are well presented year-round, and says there’s no reason not to list a home in the winter.

“There are plenty of buyers looking, why compete with more stock when you can get more of a premium with the lack of competition that is currently in the marketplace?”

The team at Harcourts Marlborough offers a fantastic service to assist in getting homes ready for the market, including dress for success and our sparkle programme.

“Now is the time to call me to ask about the services we provide to help you get ready to go on the market. Whether you are thinking of going on the market now or later in the year, let’s have a chat.

“Mention this article and I’ll bring the chocolate bikkies!” Tanya says.

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