Teens Compete to Become Marlborough’s First Student Auctioneering Champion

Teens Compete to Become Marlborough’s First Student Auctioneering Champion

Harcourts Marlborough consultant and auctioneer Bryan Palmer has spent the past eight weeks teaching Marlborough students the art of auction.

Five of the Marlborough Boys’ College students have spent hours honing their new found skills and will go head to head to be named the Student Auctioneering Champion at a competition in the Harcourts Marlborough Auction rooms this Thursday, September 20.

Regardless of who takes out the competition, each of the boys has already achieved great things through the programme, Bryan says.

“There has been huge growth, from self conscious students into students who are a lot more confident and showing a lot of new skills.”

“Auctioneering encompasses control of yourself, but also of an audience, legalities, mathematics, accounting, it covers all those sorts of things,” he says.

Bryan and Harcourts Marlborough principal Mark Davis were inspired by a colleague running a similar programme in Kerikeri, and hope to build the programme to include Marlborough Girls’ College students next year.

The ultimate plan is to send Marlborough’s top student auctioneer to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand auctioneering championships to compete in the newly established Australasian student category in October next year.

“The programme was not a recruiting thing, we just felt that auctioneering encompasses so many life skills; what better to give a student not only those life skills but in a practical way and also an entertaining way,” Bryan says.

“This has been a wonderful challenge for the boys and we are seeing some fantastic growth and development in them, mainly confidence, presence and ultimately sales skills which come in handy in life generally, especially in the workplace, Mark adds.

Marlborough Boys’ College head of faculty, Social Sciences Matthew Clark was pleased to see the students get involved with the programme, which was optional.

“All of the boys involved volunteered for this programme during their own time, when other students may have taken the opportunity for a sleep in,” he says.

“Bryan Palmer and his team have given the boys the opportunity to learn about the real estate industry in a fun way [and] the benefits of being a confident public speaker in the auctioneering environment have been plain to see.”

Two judges, Harcourts Marlborough co-owner Chris Greenhill, and auctioneer Tanya Smith will judge the finalists as they each have a go at selling the same listing on Thursday.

They will be assessing their presentation, how they speak, how they describe the home they are selling, how they deal with questions from potential buyers and ultimately how they accept bids and sell the property. They each have eight minutes to do so.

The public is invited to watch the boys as they compete for the title at 3.30pm Thursday, September 20 in the Harcourts Marlborough Auction rooms at 1 Scott Street. It can also be viewed via the live stream on our event page.

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