Team Harcourts take on Fight For Life

Team Harcourts take on Fight For Life

Image uploaded from iOS (16)Two Harcourts Marlborough staff members are preparing to glove up and get in the boxing ring for the first time this September.

Sales and marketing consultant Katie Gibbons, pictured right, and personal and sales assistant Bailey Dewe, pictured left, are taking on the Fight for Life, raising funds for the Life Education Trust.

Katie convinced her colleague to apply for the event with her after seeing an advertisement in the paper, and the pair have been training ever since.

After finding themselves sponsorship for the event, Katie from Harcourts Marlborough, and Bailey a mixture of Harcourts Marlborough and Fulton Hogan, the duo had to undergo a medical check and a fitness test, but the girls were well prepared.

“We had already been training for about a month before the fitness test,” Katie says.

Their hard work paid off when they were selected for the event, and they’ve been placed in the Blue Team among 14 other corporate teammates, who will go head to head with carefully selected opponents from the Red Team. There will be eight fights on the night, September 30th.

Neither Katie or Bailey have participated in a boxing match before, and the duo saw the opportunity as a good challenge, and are enjoying the training.

“I’m really really excited, I just want to get through the three months of training and not get injured; but I am nervous because I want to win, otherwise I can’t show my face at work,” Katie says.

The duo have been training three to five times a week with the rest of the group, which will soon split up to continue training as individual teams, Bailey says.

“You feel like you’re trying to watch what [your opponents] are doing but at the same time you don’t want to watch … but there’s a really cool group of people training, we all get on really well,” she says.

“We’ll probably get in the ring and it’ll be all on but then we’ll all be mates afterwards,” Katie adds.

The girls will have to complete three 1 minute, 30 second rounds on the night, trying to connect as many punches as they can while avoiding being knocked out.

Sponsors of the event will get to watch from the ringside, and tickets will go on sale to the public in July.

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