Students Take on Auctioneering Challenge

Students Take on Auctioneering Challenge

L-R: Harcourts Marlborough consultant and auctioneer Tanya Smith with Marlborough Girls’ College Student Auctioneers Nikki Hanaray, Maia Rasmussen, Mia Armstrong, Layla Vesela, Gracie McKay-Simpson, Estella Tyrell and Harcourts Marlborough owner Chris Greenhill.

Six students from Marlborough Girls’ College are honing their skills in auctioneering under the guidance of Harcourts Marlborough owner Chris Greenhill and consultant Tanya Smith.

Student Auctioneer Gracie McKay Simpson.

But providing some insight into the world of auction and real estate is only a small part of the eight week programme, Chris says.

“Kids never ever go to school to learn to be a real estate agent. This course is about giving them the confidence for creative writing, theatre, drama, for public speaking.

“It’s not so much about real estate or auction as it is about giving them confidence in those skills, and of course there is the money element, accounting and maths are a part of it too.”

Each of the students volunteered to take up the opportunity offered by Harcourts Marlborough, and will go head to head in a competition following completion of the course.

Of those, two will be selected to compete at the REINZ 2019 New Zealand Auctioneering Champs in June.

In preparation for these competitions, the girls have been learning about scripting, creating attention grabbing intros, auction conduct and legal requirements for both auction and sale.

Student Auctioneer Estella Tyrell.

Learning the art of auction is still fresh in the minds for both Chris and Tanya, with Tanya completing her own training last year, and Chris still in the process of doing so herself.

“I just needed to get out of my comfort zone and Tanya inspired me so much when she entered the competition for the first time last year, and I thought, ‘this is a good opportunity to get confident with my own public speaking’,” Chris says.

“By doing this it’s giving me a lot of confidence, I have grown so much in four weeks and I know it’s going to be the same for the girls, it will give them so much more confidence.”

Harcourts Marlborough’s student auctioneering programme began last year at Marlborough Boys’ College, with auctioneer and consultant Bryan Palmer behind the initiative.

The success of the first intake inspired the team to continue the programme at Marlborough Boys’ College and also to give students at the Girls’ College the opportunity to take part.

The boys are yet to begin their second round, but there is the possibility of a local “girls vs boys” competition prior to the REINZ competition, Chris says.

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