June Round-up

June Round-up

Quiet, would pretty much sum up things.  If you look at 2013 residential compared to 2014 there is a bit of a drop off. The season may have something to do with that with a very wet one for Marlborough over the last month or so, but I struggle to use this as the excuse. We are seeing good … [Read more...]

Exit Strategy

Richard Branson has a good one liner which basically says, never enter into any deal that you cannot get out of! This has just as much importance with real estate and understanding what you are trying to achieve with the property. You may be purchasing for the immediate however make sure you have … [Read more...]

Rateable Value vs Registered Valuation vs Market Price

Real estate is no difference to any other product, in that it relates directly to the basic school level economics – Supply and Demand. There tends to be 3 price levels in the market and depending if you are the seller, buyer or third party (real estate agent, valuer, bank etc) will determine where … [Read more...]

Where to invest your money?

A question asked the other day was, ‘if I gave you a million dollars to invest in NZ, where or what would you do with it’? Good question and a challenging or should it be?. If the fantasy of fast cars, flash holidays and taking a bath in Marlborough’s Sauvignon were removed what does this leave? No … [Read more...]

Marlborough Real Estate Round Up

Marlborough Real Estate Round Up

Here is the mid month statistics which gives a snap shot of Marlborough last month. No real surprises, things have slowed around the country and that has been reported in national media. Rural sales in Marlborough were limited but the impact of weather and a very busy harvest I believe has … [Read more...]

Getting Real

Stress in the rural environment has been highlighted after some pretty hard times for many in the industry. What did surprise me was some figures I saw on TV the other night which said there was a rural suicide every couple of weeks in NZ. We have a local identity in Marlborough who has taken a … [Read more...]

Positive News

I was after some positive news and didn’t have to look far or talk to many people. This morning I had my breakfast with a bunch of working blokes, they are all passionate about their business, about Marlborough and about moving forward. I will not get into names or who they work for but in the space … [Read more...]

What is New Zealand’s Media’s view on rural news?

I have just taken a snap shot of some news headlines straight off the on line media pages, this ties a little with what the “papers’ say that what readers want to read. I challenge that and while there are some good news articles they are normally hidden. So as a bad example of Rural farming in NZ … [Read more...]

Marlborough Vintage 2014

This year in Marlborough the weather gods did their best to spoil the party. But it’s important to remember that until the facts and figures of what was harvested and the quality of this fruit is known, everything said is speculation which is a bit like the boys fishing trip...the fish just get … [Read more...]

Foreign ownership issue – fact or fiction?

Foreign ownership is a subject that continues to headline in the media. Landowners get it in the neck for selling to foreigners, the Government gets it for letting these transactions through and every armchair critic jumps on board with a generalised view of what they think should have … [Read more...]