Lions Mark 100 Years’ Service with New CBD Clock

Lions Mark 100 Years’ Service with New CBD Clock

Marlborough residents will once again be able to check the temperature as they make their way through Blenheim’s town centre come summer.

Harcourts Marlborough sales consultant and Blenheim Lions Club member Ross Ayson, pictured, has headed a project to install a new clock and LED screen on Blenheim’s More FM Building.

The building, on the corner of Market and Main Streets was previously home to a display which alternated between showing the time and the temperature for 35 years, until it stopped in 2014.

The clock was removed from the building last month, making way for a new state of the art LED screen with time and temperature display below, organised by Ross, the Blenheim Lions and the Beavertown Lions as their Legacy Project to mark 100 years of Lions clubs around the world.

“Every time I used to come to Harcourts when [the old clock] was going I used to look up at the temperature, it was always interesting,” he says.

“I had this thought, ‘why don’t we get a big screen and promote Marlborough’, there are a lot of events on, things like the Lions Book Sale, Daffodil Day … anything that is coming to Marlborough, like a cruise ship, or Garden Marlborough, they can be promoted.”

Funding from advertising on the screen will be kept in an account and used for the ongoing maintenance of the display.

“If we end up with a surplus of funds the committee may be able to donate funds towards the community,” Ross says.

A number of local businesses and organisations have donated to the cost of the project, estimated to come in at just under $70,000 in total.

“It’s really a Lions project, so the Blenheim Lions Club donated $20,000 and the Beavertown Lions came on board and have donated $15,000,” Ross says.

The remainder of the funding has been donated by the Lloyd Morgan Trust, building owners Charles and Linda Kelly, Marlborough Lines, Harcourts Marlborough, Geoffrey T Sowman, Mike Greer Homes, Marlborough District Council, SBS Bank and Jacks Tyres and Performance.

Other organisations have also contributed to the project by offering their services free of charge, including MediaWorks, Cuddon Engineering, Simcox Construction, Brendon Price Computers, Gear Up Marlborough, Seng Engineering, Callahan and Martella Electrical, Lundon Law, Williams Hoist and Haul Limited and Classic Gates Engineering.

The LED screen will come from Ice AV Technology in Auckland, who are sending three men to Blenheim to install it. The installation is likely to take place in November.

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