Harcourts Marlborough Backs Red Team at Fight for Life

Harcourts Marlborough Backs Red Team at Fight for Life

Adele HarrisHarcourts Marlborough is getting behind the Life Education Trust’s Fight For Life again this year, sponsoring Adele Harris as she gloves up for the Red Team.

Adele joined the Harcourts Marlborough team as a spectator at the 2017 event, which sparked a drive for her to train for and compete in the event herself.

“I was sitting next to Mark [Davis] and I said ‘this is awesome’, and he said if you will do it I will sponsor you … I don’t know if he was serious but here I am,” Adele says.

Harcourts Marlborough business co-owner Mark Davis said he and the Harcourts team admire the bravery of Adele and all those who enter the fight to support a worthy cause.

“It’s not something I would do (lucky I’m too old now) … but we are all inspired by people that step forward to do something completely outside their comfort zone,” he says.

“Sometimes you have to take a big breath, count to 10 and say life is an adventure and this event requires a lot of commitment and effort so when Adele stepped forward we just said ‘go for it’.”

As a tattoo artist, Adele says her role is very much like an office job, and she jumped at the chance to get out and do something different.

She started training in April, a month before official training for the event began.

“Boxing training-wise is the hardest thing I have ever done. A lot of it is conditioning stuff which I’d done a bit of but it’s the sweating and the pain afterwards,” she says.

“When I look in the mirror now; I’ve worked out hard playing football, training six days a week, but I never looked like what I look like now.”

Her dad, Harcourts Marlborough rural and commercial consultant William Harris said he wasn’t surprised Adele had taken on the challenge.

“Adele has always been very competitive in sports and loves a challenge … We are very proud of Adele and the dedication and commitment to training she has shown,” he says.

“Her most outstanding quality was that she said it’s not about winning or losing but the cause that they are fighting for.”

As well as raising money for the youth of Marlborough, Adele says she would recommend getting involved in a sport like boxing to any young person if the opportunity arose.

“It just keeps you focused, it’s a good outlet,” she says.

Adele appreciates the support of her dad and the Harcourts Marlborough team, who will be cheering her on at the event on September 29.

“The event is very entertaining and it raises money for a fantastic cause and teaches us about resilience – all of which is very inspiring,” Mark says.

Training for the event has sparked a new passion for Adele, who plans on continuing with boxing even after the event.

“I love the competitiveness of it,” she says.

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