Get to know Harcourts Marlborough’s Bev Hodgetts

Get to know Harcourts Marlborough’s Bev Hodgetts

193-Bev-HodgettsWhen it comes to buying and selling property, knowing and trusting your sales consultant is key. After all, they are helping you make some of the biggest decisions you’ll make in life. We caught up with Harcourts Marlborough sales consultant Bev Hodgetts about what makes her tick.

You’ve been in the real estate industry for some years now, and you’re consistently a top performer for Harcourts Marlborough. What is it about your role that drives your passion for it?

Initially it was to be so successful with my clients that they would want to come back to me, so I had to do a great job. While that hasn’t changed, and I appreciate the amount of repeat business I get, my passion is also focused on financial freedom so now I can help others, support charity auctions and donations, and help our  family.

 You have been in Marlborough for your whole real estate career. What is it about the region that you love?

Marlborough Sounds, ski field, sea, lakes and rivers and the quiet pace of life.  The vineyards give a nice atmosphere with lunch time dining, and the weather is dry with lots of sun.

What is it about the service you provide that you think makes people return? How do you continue to get great results?

I constantly keep in touch with my clients – After Sales – every anniversary plus one year calls. Gifts when sold or buy – six week bubbles to pop in and see buyers have settled in, 10 year bubbles  – amazing how that works.New Harcourts logo BLUE (1)

Do you have one key piece of advice you give to your clients when they’re making big life decisions about buying or selling property?

For selling/moving – Make sure it feels right; that it is the right time or right property.  I have sometimes recommended people don’t sell and they have later been grateful for that advice. It’s important to back the client.

Who is Bev Hodgetts outside of work? What do you get up to for fun? 

I love overseas holidays, relaxing at home with no place to go or just catching up with friends. Mostly not too involved, movies and a good book, gardening, time with hubby.  I belong to a couple of groups which help with networking but enjoy the company of members and a few laughs. Love family but they are all away so have to make time to travel to see them.

Do you have a life motto you like to live by?

“Not negotiables” – learnt that at my Disney training – structure your work and do it.

Why should people list their home with you?

I work hard with a great support team that help me do the job accurately and now.  I have sound experience.  They get my attention as I seldom work buyers but my buyers agent gets fantastic results and they get access to our buyer database and that of the Harcourts team to all work hard for them.  I offer value not cheap commission, it works.

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