Doors Open at Omaka Landing Showhome

Doors Open at Omaka Landing Showhome

Harcourts-Marlborough-Omaka-landing-14The doors are open at the first home in Marlborough’s newest subdivision, Omaka Landing.

Omaka Landing project manager John Davis says the showhome has been open just over two weeks, as a place for people to get information on buying and building in the area.

“This show home and sales office is a first for Marlborough, supporting the people that have shown faith in the development in the first instance and future buyers,” John says.

“People can come through and have a look, and find out about the latest products and the tradesmen working in [the subdivision].”

Omaka Landing Subdivision built the three-bedroom home with support from some fantastic subcontractors, and it acts as a starting point for people buying in the area, John says.

He describes the office as a one stop shop, featuring information, building displays, products and trade contacts, plans, and assistance with building ideas for people prior to beginning their own build.

“The sites average about 620 square metres, and this gives people a great idea as to what you can put on the sites … it’s a house that fits most sections, people can just adapt and alter it to what they want.”

Harcourts-Marlborough-Omaka-landing-4More than 80 sections have sold at Omaka Landing, 18 months ahead of schedule, John says.

“Having two big reserves has been a winner, especially with the ones that have got kids … [and] a big attraction has been the walk into town along the river, and the cycle tracks out the back of Richardson Ave,” John says.

Colonial directors are also committed to keeping the development clean and tidy, with mowed sections and berms throughout the project, ensuring it is always presented in top order, to maintain value.

The subdivision is in the Fairhall School zone, and so far a range of age groups have purchased in the sub division, mainly second home buyers, he says.

Since opening, the showhome has seen about 44 groups come through.

“They love it … this is a reasonably high spec home; the feedback we are also getting is that they like the condition we keep the subdivision in, it’s beautifully kept.”

Harcourts-Marlborough-Omaka-landing-15Having been over a year in the making, and with construction on the showhome beginning in September last year, John is pleased with the final product, and says it’s a development to be proud of.

“I’m absolutely thrilled, it’s like everything, when you design a house, quite often you think ‘hmm, hopefully this turns out alright’, but the sub-contractors and everybody have been amazing.”

For more information about buying and building at Omaka Landing, call into the showhome between 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday, or 10am – 1pm Saturday and Sunday.

Alternatively, you can call your preferred agent at Harcourts Marlborough for information on buying in the area.


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