5 Cleaning Hacks To Avoid

5 Cleaning Hacks To Avoid

Cleaning: Not everyone’s favourite thing to fill their weekends with but unfortunately for most of us it’s an unavoidable fact of life. While it is tempting to cut corners in order to get things done quicker, some of the viral hacks out there can end up being either completely ineffective or cause additional cleaning further down the line.

Safeguard yourself from these tempting traps and swap them for alternatives that will leave your home sparkling clean and your weekend schedule cleaning free! 

1.Using Coca Cola as a Toilet Cleaner

We all know how much damage the world’s most popular soft drink can do to our teeth, so shouldn’t it be able to melt away the nasties in our toilet too? Turns out the answer is no.

It is true that most carbonated sodas contain small quantities of citric and phosphoric acids that are effective in slowly removing rust and some stains. However, pouring a litre of soda into your toilet will do nothing to kill bacteria and instead will likely leave a sticky residue that might just provide food for bacteria growth in the toilet

Best Alternative: Scrubbing the bowl with a sprinkling of baking soda once a week helps to keep stains and bacteria from building up. Or opt for the traditional antibacterial cleaners from the supermarket.

2. Sanitising Cloths in the Microwave

Cloths touch almost every surface in the kitchen from the floor to the cupboards so it’s no wonder we want to keep these bacteria-free. Yes, it is true that heat can kill bacteria but the length of time in a microwave needed to achieve this would result in an incinerated sponge.

Best Alternative: Use eco-friendly wipes that can be disposed of or purchase micro cloths that can be tossed into a hot wash.

3. Wiping Up your Cleaning Products Immediately

We’ve all done it; quickly spray, wipe and walk away. Because most cleaners are filled with powerful chemicals, you might assume that they work instantly, and try to cut time with a faster spray session. But in reality, it can take 5-10 minutes for even the strongest cleaning agents to break down germs, bacteria, and grime. 

Best Alternative: Spray and leave for 5 – 10 minutes. Busy yourself with something else before coming back to wipe your surface down. 

4. Cleaning Your Windows with Newspaper

The greasy, inky newspaper will just redistribute grime rather than lift it away from the surface of the glass, leaving you with streaky windows that will need to be redone.

Best alternative: Use a streak-free cleaner such as white vinegar and water and a microfibre cloth to get those windows crystal clear. 

5. Put a Lemon Wedge in your Dishwasher to Make Dishes Cleaner.

Some say that the acid inside a lemon is effective in removing stained dishes. Unfortunately, while this hack might give your dishes a fresh scent, a lemon wedge doesn’t contain anywhere near enough acid to clean your dishes. 

Best Alternative: Save your lemons for a gin and tonic and instead use rinse aid and dishwasher detergent. 

There are countless cleaning hacks out there on the internet but not all of them are trustworthy and instead will create more work for you. Sticking with the tried and true methods of cleaning is always your best bet!

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